For visitors to İzmir in search of a view, the most obvious place to head is probably Kadifekale, the castle that overlooks the centre of town. However, in the Karataş suburb just to the south-west of Konak there is another option – the Asansör (Lift) that was built in 1907 by a philanthropic citizen named Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu to enable people to get to the upper part of the neighbourhood. Today you’ll be whisked up to a terrace with cafes which may or may not be open. Either way, the view of the Gulf of İzmir is spectacular.

This was a part of the city with a large Jewish population who worshipped at the Bet Israel synagogue just a short walk south of the Asansör and also opened in 1907. One of the best known members of that community was the singer Dario Moreno (1921-68) who lived for some time in the street now named after him which leads to the Asansör. In 2019 a bomb was thrown at the synagogue. Fortunately, it survived.

Transport info

The easiest way to reach the Asansör is to walk from Konak although you can also get out of the İzban at the Üçyol stop and walk to the top of the lift. There’s a small charge to use the lift.

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