Simits on sale in Maraş before 2023 earthquakes

The quintessential Turkish bread product is the simit, a bread ring studded with sesame seeds that is a popular breakfast staple, especially for those on the go. There were always local variants on the simit which majored on size (Hatay) or flavouring. Traditionally bagels were sold by men walking the street with trays on their head which sometimes came with simple stands that they could set up as and when. The authorities tidied that system up by introducing formal simit pushcarts where you can buy not just your simit but also a triangle of cheese and a bottle of water to go with it. But the snack was always too good to go unnoticed by big-money-makers and now many street corners have branches of Simit Sarayı (Simit Palace), offering ranges of fillings not dissimilar to bagels.

A popular İstanbul pastime is to grab a simit en route to a ferry, then share it with the seagulls off the upper decks. 


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