sehriIf you want to stay in a high-rise tower on a main highway beside a petrol station facing a TOKİ housing development in Şırnak then this will be the hotel for you. It pretty much goes without saying that it was not the hotel for me since I always like to stay in the town centre. However, all the other hotels in town were full for the night I planned to stay and this hotel did at least promise five-star comforts.

I want to be fair to what is clearly Şırnak's best and most luxurious hotel, and the lobby is certainly very impressive with its cafe in the centre and its fine marble floor. Unfortunately for me this was a hotel that had forgotten that its primary concern should be the comfort of its guests, so in June it had closed down its centrally controlled air-con system without providing fans as an alternative. Had someone not fetched a fan from their home after I complained that I would not be able to sleep I would have been paying five-star prices for one-star lack of comfort.

The wifi signal was too weak to be usable and the TV lacked AlJazeera or BBC. 

That said - and for a five-star hotel it does have to be said - my bedroom was perfectly inviting in terms of its decor, and the small bathroom rose to a tub which I always appreciate. sehri2

In the morning the breakfast spread looked like a veritable banquet. Sadly since I had to be out on the road at 7.30am for my bus there was no time to enjoy it - which there would have been had the hotel been in the town centre near the other facilities. 

Thumbs up: Attractive rooms, excellent breakfast, handy location if you just want to sleep and drive away again

Thumbs down: Awful location for those without cars. Centrally controlled air-con is a crazy idea in the first place - to turn it off in June is insane. 

Tel: 0486-216 3636



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