gyali2Who would have thought it? Even an old İstanbul ferryboat has found new life as a floating hotel, moored now in Güzelyalı, a suburb of Mudanya just a short way out of Bursa.

There are only 20 rooms but the Otantik Gemi Otel (Authentic Boat Hotel) but they are all just as beautifully decorated and well equipped as hotels on shore. The suite even manages to fit in a captain's wheel for that truly nautical touch. 

The top deck has a fine restaurant as well as a terrace on what was once a deck. Regardless, regular users of the old İstanbul ferries will still be able to pick the familiar layout of the stairs etc. gyali3

Much of the old machinery has been preserved and the waiters dress as sailors to keep that nautical theme going.

Since the boat is moored in a harbour you'll still be able to feel the ground move slightly beneath your feet as you walk across the gangplank and head towards reception. 

I haven't yet had the chane to stay here but after a recent look round I'm dying to do so. 

Thumbs up: Beautifully designed rooms in a truly original setting

Thumbs down: Steps up to the desks make this a tricky choice for disabled guests

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Tel: 0224-554 4300, www.otantikotel.com

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