Sakirler1In the bllissfully quiet back streets of Mudurnu the Haci Şakirler Konağı is not the biggest nor yet the most striking of the many old Ottoman mansions that have survived to be converted into hotels. However, inside it is arguably the finest of them and certainly the one that has been converted with the greatest attention to retaining its authenticity.

The ground floor which would once have been used for stabling the animals serves as a cafe-cum-souvenir shop and is also where breakfast and dinner are served in winter - in summer everyone migrates into the small courtyard at the back. Shortage of space means that meals have to be eaten at tables shared with other guests but the food is wonderful and includes local specialties that are not always available elsewhere. It's a set menu so if you have special dietary requirements you would have to discuss them with the cook in advance. 

The bedrooms are the real winners here. All are surprisingly low-ceilinged for Ottoman houses which means that you get a chance to study the details of the woodwork more closely. The walls are clad in varnished pine into which are set the many cupboards that were always a feature of Ottoman homes where the bedding was put away every day along with the eating utensils. My room retained what would once have been the tiny "bathroom" inside a cupboard as well as long, thin cupboard especially designed to store a guest's rifle.

Rather then try and force modern bathrooms into the cramped spaces inside the cupboards the Haci Şakirlerl offers larger bathrooms across the corridor which will not suit everyone. They are fairly simple but serviceable and unless the hotel is full there may be one bathroom per family.sakirlier2

Note that the hotel is only open at weekends. 

Thumbs up: Splendid Ottoman bedrooms, chance to try out local dishes.

Thumbs down: Corridor bathrooms won't suite some people. Nor will shared dining tables. Only open at weekends.

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