agora1In the tiny village of Kapakıri amid the ruins of ancient Herakleia ad Latmos the Agora Pension is the longest established and best known place to stay. The main pansion is largely built from wood and features a large open area with lounging areas and hammocks as well as an indoor area with a library of books and other local information. 

Most of the rooms are clustered around this central area although on my most recent visit I was shunted off to an annexe up near the mosque. While the room was spacious and inviting, I felt as if I was staying in the neighbour's back garden and was completely cut off from the social benefits of the pension, the main reason for choosing it over its competitors. 

You'll have to take half-board arrangements here which is probably fair enough given the lack of independent restaurants. However, the meals come without any choice which makes them poor value for picky eaters. Even allowing for the evening meal included the price for a stay struck me as excessive, especially given that I felt cut off from the extra facilities that might have justified the cost.agora3

Most visitors seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were obviously plenty of regulars. I found the service to be low on charm though. Indeed, I was made to feel positively unwelcome for no very obvious reason.

Thumbs up: Great location, comfortable rooms, lots of local information available

Thumbs down: No choice of food for compulsory evening meal, hospitality seems to be wearing thin

Tel: 0252-543 5445

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