Centre of Turkey's coal-mining industry                   Population: 110,000


Old name: Sandarace

Market days: Wednesday and Saturday

Midway between Akçakoca and Amasra on the Black Sea, Zonguldak is an important port through which locally mined coal is exported. Coal has been mined here since 1835.

Theoretically, Zonguldak has an attractive location on the banks of a river in a deep ravine. However, it has been completely built up in recent years and is really rather ugly. 

If you do need to stay there are several hotels in the town center that are within short walking distance of the Liman (Harbour). This is the most picturesque place to come to have a simple meal or drink a tea or too. Here, too, you'll find the shacks of the local fishermen and a memorial to the many men who have died in the mines since 1875.Zongulmine

The park beside the Çamlı Cafe contains a fin equestrian statue of İsmet İnönü, Turkey's second president. 


There are several small town-centre two-star hotels which may be quieter than the Mer. The big new Oğretmen Evi is near the Dedeman and offers similar views.

Mer Hotel

Dedeman Hotel

On the outskirts of town on the road to Ereğli the Dedeman is part of the Demirpark shopping mall complex and is sandwiched between a Migros and Carrefour. The sea views would be spectacular though. 

Tel: 444-4336, www.dedeman.com/destination/zonguldak.aspx

Hotel Emirgan

East of town in Kapuz this four-star looks hideous from the roadside but boast stunning sea views.

Tel: 0372-253 1212

zongul2Heading for Filyos? Best to take the train.Transport info

Kamil Koç offers regular buses from Ankara to Zonguldak passing through Mengen and Devrek. Zonguldak is also on a direct train line from Ankara

Minibuses connect Zonguldak with Karadeniz Ereğli.

A good train service runs to Filyos and the ruins of ancient Tios. There's also an infrequent and slow bus that leaves from opposite Türk Telekom, near the big and ugly Zonguldak Valiliği building.


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Karadeniz Ereğli



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