Finest of the Georgian churches                         Population: Less than 500

Osk1In the Georgian Valleys northeast of Uzundere along a spectacularly beautiful road with mountains looming on both sides lies the modern and not especially lovely village of Çamlıyamaç (Pine Terrace) which has at its heart the magnificent monastic church of Öşkvank dating back to 973 and the most elaborately decorated of all the forgotten Georgian churches in these parts.

Unlike the other churches Öşkvank has a porch carved with vine leaves along its sides. It also has a southern narthex with heavy columns; inside there are some magnificent capitals, some of them carved with relief figures and seraphim. 

Like İşhan, Öşkvank has a wonderful soaring dome covered in glittering tiles but unlike İshan its facade is decorated with all sorts of carvings: angels, figures of the donor and his church, and various animals.

There are a few wood-and-stone buildings in Çamlıyamaç but it is not as pretty a village as İşhan. There is nowhere to stay here. Osk2 copy

Transport info

There are no dolmuşes to Öşkvank. You can hire a taxi from Yusufeli or Erzurum but it will be much cheaper to do so from UzundereOsk3

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