nehrixSouthwest of Şemdinli in Turkey's furthest southeastern corner the hamlet of Nehri is home to the ruins of a tekke, a Sufi lodge founded in the 19th century by Seyid Taha (1864-1928) whose descendants remained powerful right through until 1925 when his grandson Seyid Abdülkadir was hanged as a supposed participant in a Kurdish rebellion. 

More obvious are the remains of the honey-coloured stone Kayme Sarayı (palace) with slightly pointed arches to its doors and windows sits in a glorious valley amid the mountains with the odd goat taking refuge inside it and some of the old rooms used for storage. Inscriptions on the facade date it back to 1909-11 when it was commissioned by Seyid Abdullah, a grandson of Seyid Taha. nehri3

It's not easy to recognise the precise purpose of any of the ruined rooms apart from the kitchen with its chimney. Fallen stairs lead up to the lost second floor which appears to have had large windows to take advantage of the view. 

Nearby Seyid Taha is buried in a small walled graveyard uphill from the shrine of Seyid Abdullah, a popular place of pilgrimage for locals. 

I did not actually see the remains of the tekke which is said to be buried in a local mulberry grove.

Nearby Derecik has large quantities of coal close to the surface although there are no mines as yet.


People come here, too, to recline on kiosks set up in the river below the tekke and to eat trout from the local fish farm. It's an extraordinarily inviting location with waterfalls and fountains rippling their way through it. Don't make the mistake of eating in Şemdinli - this is a far finer place to dine. 


There are good hotels on both Hakkari and Yüksekova.

nehri2Transport info

There are hourly minibuses from Hakkari to Şemdinli via Yüksekova. On arrival you would have to negotiate for a taxi to run you the rest of the way. 

Driving you need to turn right along the road to Derecik as you arrive in Şemdinli from Yüksekova. Nehri is signed on the right. 

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