City of Midas

MidasSehri1Midas Şehri was the name given to the rock-cut settlement established by the Phrygians around what is now the small village of Yazılıkaya (Inscribed Rock), 72 km north of Afyon and 107 km south of Eskişehir in the area known as the Frig Vadisi (Phrygian Valley).

Its most conspicuous monument is a soaring rock-cut tomb that is known as the Tomb of Midas because the Phrygian inscription on the facade mentions a Midas (although he was not necessarily the well known King Midas of the ass's ears). A statue of Kybele, the Mother Goddess, may once have stood in front of it. 

You approach the tomb past a small government building that houses an indifferent museum.

Facing the tomb is what is thought to have been a Cappadocian-style rock-cut monastery.

Keep walking round the base of the rock with the tomb cut in it to find the acropolis of the ancient settlement. Overlooking it is another inscribed but incomplete tomb, known as the Küçük Yazılıkaya.MidasSehri2

Transport info

Getting to Midas Şehri without a private car is tricky although you can pick up a taxi in Seyitgazi. 

In a private car or taxi you will be able to stop at several minor sites in the Phrygian Valley along the way. The interesting village of Kümbet is close at hand and well worth a diversion.


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