malabadiRestoration nears completion, 9 October 2013Malabadi is little more than a waystation on the way from Silvan to Batman or Bitlis but it does have one particular reason why you might want to make a brief stop and that is the stupendous, humpbacked Malabadi Köprüsü, a bridge built in 1147 by Timurtaş, the Artukid ruler of Mardin. 

In 2013 the bridge was being completed restored but although the work was being done very carefully nothing can disguise the damage done to it by the opening of the Batman Dam just across the road in 2004. In my opinion it would have been better to dismantle the bridge and rebuild it away from the dam and the main road sweeping past immediately in front of it. 

The bridge remains a very impressive piece of medieval engineering and once the work is finished people will once again be able to walk over it. I imagine that flashier cafes than the small ones just up the road in Malabadi will then open. Let's see.

Transport info

Minibuses from Silvan to Batman or Bitlis pass the bridge so you can admire it in passing. If you get out be warned that you may have trouble getting into an onward or return bus.

Without a car, you're probably better off getting a taxi to and from Silvan for a fixed fare.

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