Best base for visiting Nemrut Dağı                      Population: 63,000

200 DSC03464Kahta may be the most obvious base for an excursion up Nemrut Dağı (Mt Nemrut) but unfortunately it’s a dusty town of very little interest.

One of the few refuges from the oppressive main drag is the small park at the eastern end of town where men play backgammon beside a water feature with concrete rocks and a mock-up of the Roman Çendere Bridge.


There are several reasonable lokantas on Kahta high street but for a more atmospheric treat it's best to take a Baraj dolmuş east to the Atatürk Lake (5km).

Neşet’in Yeri

On the shores of the Atatürk Lake Neşet’in Yeri (Neşeti's Place) makes the perfect spot to tuck into freshly grilled trout while watching the sun go down behind the lake. On Sundays local families gather here to grill their own fish and boil up limitless quantities of tea.


If you don't want to sleep in Kahta there is also a handful of business-class hotels in nearby Adiyaman and a pension and a couple of hotels at and above Karadut on Nemrut Dağı itself. 

Zeus Hotel Tel: 0416-725 5694

Nemrutur Hotel Tel: 0416-725 6881

Kommagene Hotel Tel: 0416-725 9726

atlake1Transport info

Kahta hoteliers can arrange transport to Nemrut Dağı and the associated sites.

Dolmuşes from the local bus terminal in the centre of Kahta run as far as the village of Karadut on the mountainside where there is a pension.

They also run to Gerger and to the landing stage for ferries to Siverek on the far side of Lake Atatürk.

Day trip destinations 

Gerger Kalesi (Gerger Castle)

Nemrut Dağı


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