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Market day: Monday

Elmalı is one of those towns that looks rather uninspiring at first glance although it has a lively market that spills out from the market hall to occupy most of the main streets.

To find the older part of town you’ll need to ask for directions to the graceful old mosque (“eski cami”), the Ömerpasa Kebenci Cami, which dates back to 1610.

Ömer Pasa was an Ottoman commander from Manavgat who fought at the siege of Vienna, and used the spoils from the capture of Sarajevo to pay for this mosque.

It was built into the hillside which means that at the entrance end you can actually step from the pavement onto the roof of the original library building and gaze down on the pleasingly tree-shaded courtyard from amid a cluster of neat little domes.

In the streets around the mosque you'll find the old Ottoman houses for which Elmalı is best known. As usual, many of them are in a terrible state of decay, although a few in the vicinity of the mosque have recently been restored. Most date back to the early part of the 20th century. Look out, amid the more predictable wood and stone houses, for the odd one that manages an Art Deco twist.200 DSC01816


Elmalı has a couple of small hotels but it makes most sense to stay in Finike.

Transport info

Hourly buses connect Finike and Elmalı, passing the Turunçova and Arykanda turn-offs.

To learn more read: http://www.todayszaman.com/news-160181-the-road-to-elmali.html (Sunday's Zaman, 30 Nov 2008)








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