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200 DSC03770At the far north-easterly end of the road heading out of Midyat, Dargeçit (Narrow Pass) is a small, seemingly dreary town which is about to become much better known as the Ilısu Dam shapes up on its doorstep.

The atmosphere here is perhaps a little heavy; graffiti on the walls make plain the political sympathies of many of the inhabitants.

The modern suburbs of Tepebaşı and Bahçebaşı offer little of interest to a visitor although the Saray neighbourhood, on the slope leading downhill to what was once a stream, plays host to three churches, one of them Syriac Orthodox, one of them Syriac Catholic, the third of them Protestant.

Only the Syriac Orthodox church of Mor Kyriakos is in good repair but it will be hard to get admission on a casual visit.

More interesting is the once largely Christian Safa neighbourhood on the far side of the dry stream. Cross at the bridge and turn left along Demokrasi Sokak through what was once the bazaar district and is still lined with small stone shops, almost all of them now boarded-up. 

Although most of its inhabitants have long since fled Safa, if you wander around it you will still signs of the villagey life once lived here, with drystone walls topped off with twigs, deep communal ovens for baking bread, and chickens, turkeys and donkeys dotted about.

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