blaundos2As archaeological sites go, ancient Blaundos is almost forgotten. It may be only 30km south of Uşak but not even the taxi drivers seem to have heard of even though it is perfectly well signposted from town. 

This is a great shame since the setting of the ruins is one of the most spectacular in the country, reminding me of the setting of Ani, near Kars. As you approach you will see an arch from the old aqueduct to the right of the road before a sturdy stone gate rises up in front of you. It's only once you step through this gate that you realise what a remarkable place this is. Beyond the gate you'll find yourself on a lofty plateau almost completely ringed with ravines riddled with stone-cut tombs. It's an exquisitely beautiful setting. 

The actual ruins are fairly slight - the signposted theatre and stadium, for example, are little more than shapes in the ground now although the remains of the Temple of Ceres are a bit more substantial. There is also an extraordinary administrative building which, from a distance, looks a bit like Stonehenge. 

The ground is thickly strewn with stones, some of them natural, some of them relics of lost buildings. In spring they're deep in wildflowers. 

Transport info

The nearest sizeable settlement to Blaundos is Ulubey while the site is overlooked by the village of Sülümenli. Realistically, without your own car you will probably need to pick up a taxi in Uşak. You'll find one easily at Dörtyol, the busy transport intersection as you come into town. 

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