An earthquake-shattered town                            Population: 522,000

Adapazarimus2Adapazari Archeological MuseumMarket day: Tuesday

South-west of İstanbul, Adapazarı will forever be associated in many people's mind with the dreadful Marmara earthquake of 1999 that claimed the lives of so many of its residents. It is the capital of Sakarya province.

Despite having a history dating back to the 4th century BC, Adapazarı is an almost completely modern town best known for its automobile industry. The 1999 quake was only the most recent and most devastating of a sequence of quakes which have written off almost all the historic buildings, bar one konak from the 1920s in the town centre.

The earthquake damage has all been repaired and the city centre now has many open spaces but there is little to detain the average tourist. 

Don't leave town without: sampling ıslama köfte, tasty meatballs served on meat-juice-soaked toast

The tiny museum (closed Mondays) beside the train station is housed in a building dating back to the 1950s and displays finds from the days when Adapazarı was part of the Roman province of Bithynia but it's poorly lit and you can barely make out the lovely 20th century satin quilt that is its finest exhibit.

A second museum, the Deprem Kültür Müzesi,  commemorates the horrors of the 1999 earthquakes, mainly through photographs taken at the time. While of rather specialist interest it is also incredibly moving. 

Adpazarmus1Deprem Kültür Müzesi


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Transport info

There are regular buses from İstanbul to Adapazarı. The journey takes two hours.

Trains from Haydarpaşa station normally serve this town as well, but as of February 2012 the service was suspended pending an upgrade of the line. Adapazarı station is right in the town centre beside the bleak Kent Meydanı.

Minibuses to Taraklı leave from the lower level of the enormous otogar.

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