autumnAutumn comes to the valley in Kemalpaşa, near İzmirIn mid-September Turkey's schools reopen and the long, hot summer starts to wind down. That doesn't necessarily mean that all the hotels suddenly empty out though since September is a particularly popular month for foreign visitors. Indeed, you may find all the rooms in the best hotels in places such as Cappadocia still sold out through to the end of September.

In October things tend to calm down as the days get shorter although there's a belated rush around Republic Day on 29 October (and, at the moment, around Kurban Bayramı). This is an excellent time to visit Cappadocia when the leaves in the valleys are turning brown and yellow, and the villagers start their colourful preparations for winter, cooking vast vats of pekmez (grape molasses) and salça (tomato paste) in public spaces.

Some parts of Turkey are at their best in October. For example, the Lake District area around Eğirdır is lovely at this time because not only are the leaves changing colour but there are huge piles of yellow and red apples piled up beside the road awaiting collection. 

Also beautiful in autumn is the area around Bolu, in particular the Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park. Lake Van, too, can look especially beautiful at this time. 

In early October you may find hotels emptying out and lower prices on offer, but be warned that by the end of October many resort hotels start to close so choice can start to decline. The area around Antalya can still be lovely at this time of year although sudden rainstorms can be a problem especially around Fethiye

November is an uncertain month in terms of the weather. Some years it will be still be mild and pleasant especially along the Mediterranean years. In other years you will already feel winter's icy grip taking a hold.

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