"New Gate"

yenikapi1Great facilities at Yenikapı harbourYenikapı probably doesn't know what is about to hit it even though it has had many years to get used to the idea.

Until recently this was a suburb west of Kumkapı on the shores of Sea of Marmara that was best known as the departure point for the fast ferries to Bandırma and Yalova. Now, though, it is home to the main terminal station for the suburban train services from Halkali to the entrance to the Marmaray tunnel under the Bosphorus. Yenikapı is likely to become a much more desirable place now and gentrification is likely to proceed at a phenomenal pace.

Work on the Marmaray was delayed for several years as excavation work uncovered the remains of the Byzantine and medieval Eleutherios harbour as well as 35 wooden ships still with their cargoes intact. It was one of the most important archaeological discoveries in many years and eventually the ships will go on display in a purpose-built museum on the site. Until then there will be little in the way of historic monuments for visitors to see.

Transport info

A huge new station has now replaced the battered one that used to stand here.

The port serving the İDO trans-Marmara ferries (http://www.ido.com.tr/en) is currently severed from the station by the busy coast road but this may change once the Marmaray project is completed. 

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