soc1Halfeti's first boutique hotel consists of two separate restored houses, one down by the Euphrates at the far end of the village, the other up some steps behind it and with fine views from its terrace and garden.

I had a slight problem in that the room I stayed in was the smallest and cheapest and came with a bathroom that would be unusable for many people (the squat toilet was at the top of two tall steps and under a lintel that you had to bend down to avoid hitting your head on while the shower emptied straight onto the floor). More expensive rooms have western toilets and no such problems. 

Otherwise I liked my room. Despite being small it managed a double bed (with single bed headboard), a wardrobe and a dressing table. There was a TV on top of a fridge but it wasn't working properly. The wifi signal was better than I expected, as was the air-con.

A few rooms in the upper house share a small terrace that looks straight down onto the river. Better still, breakfast is served in a pretty small garden from which the hotelier encourages guests to feed the local fish. 

Thumbs up: Lovely location, nice breakfast in garden

Thumbs down: Most rooms only accessible via stairs, almost unusable bathroom in one room

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