7SThe Cave of the Seven Sleepers near the northern entrance to the Ephesus ruins is actually a large Romano-Byzantine necropolis although only a small part of it is actually accessible. Despite all the signs and publicity you can only gaze down on most of the site from a rough and slippery path.

According to legend seven young local Christians were walled-up in a cave here after refusing to acknowedge the cult of the Emperor Decius (r. 249-51). Amazingly, they stayed asleep for 200 years and woke up to find that Christianity had eventually triumphed.

Although they were supposedly buried here there's nothing firm to support such a suggestion.

Even if you’re not much interested in seeing the tombs this has always been a great place to come for a light lunch of gözleme (Turkish crepe) in one of the local cafes. el4

Transport info

There are no buses from Selçuk to the site so you will probably have to hire a taxi. If you do that you could have the driver drop you at the entrance to Ephesus afterwards.

Alternatively, you can incorporate a visit to Meryemana into the trip.

It's also possible to hire a phaeton to run you to the gates of Ephesus.




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