Population: 87,000

alacami1Old name: Kars Pazarı/Kars Bazaar

To be honest, Kadirli is not the sort of place most people will want to visit. North of Ceyhan and Osmaniye, it's a concrete jungle of a place that retains almost nothing of historic interest except the fascinating Ala Cami within walking distance of the town centre.

This started life as a Roman temple before being turned into a Byzantine church. Finally it was converted into a mosque with the addition of a mihrab and minaret. In 2016 it was being restored, seemingly sensitively. 

Otherwise the town has nothing to offer. The stone Merkez Hamidiye Cami was bult in 1890 in a style that harks right back to Crusader times. But that is the sum of it. 

If you want to visit the ruins of Anavarsa but don't have your own car Kadirli makes a good jumping-off point with plenty of taxis available to run you there.


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Transport info

Frequent minibuses link Kadirli with Adana and Osmaniye - the Adana minibuses can be oversubscribed so book your return on arrival if at all possible. 

In June 2015 a new Kadirli otogar was being built on the outskirts of town on the road to Osmaniye.

Travelling from Osmaniye you might want to stop at Hamite (Gökçeadam) to look at its fine ruined castle. Although most minibuses seem to pass through Hamite the larger midibuses may not so check before boarding if you want to stop en route. 

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