smyr1The oldest settlement of the İzmir area was around Yeşilören, near Bornova, after which a walled town seems to have been established around 6000 BC at Tepekule in what is now the suburb of Bayraklı, accessible on the İzban.

Come here to see the “earliest presently known stone fountain of western civilization” and to admire the reconstructed columns of the ancient Temple of Athena. There are more remains from the Ionian period here than on the sites of any of the other towns that once made up the Panionian League. 

Archaeologists believe that Smyrna was originally settled by Aeolians and then captured from them by Ionian invaders. Interestingly, the most conspicuous survival from that time is Tepekule ("Hill Tower") itself, which turns out to be an artificial mound probably created in the seventh century by the Lydian king Alyattes to help him capture and destroy the town.smyr2Fountain, last quarter of 7th century BC

Transport info

Take the İzban from Basmane or Konak to Bayraklı, leave the station and turn left along the pedestrianised shopping street. At the end turn right and walk around the base of the mound to find the site entrance.

More: http://www.turkeyfromtheinside.com/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=25&Itemid=218



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