200 DSC05992Technically speaking, today's Germir is merely a suburb of Kayseri. However, it is so self-contained and unlike the rest of the town that it merits an entry in its own right.

Germir offers a clue to what the wasteland behind the Merkez Bankası in Kayersi town centre might once have looked like, with its fine stone mansions, each of them standing on its own separate plot of land. Sadly, these days few people want to live in these houses, and most stand empty, their erstwhile occupants long since moved into Kayseri apartments.

The suburb contains the ruins of three churches, two of them Greek Orthodox, the third presumably Armenian. One of these churches now serves as a home for several families. 

Transport info

You can catch a bus to Germir from İnönü Bulvarı in Kayseri, or pick it further along in Sivas Caddesi.200 DSC05936

Read more about Germir: http://www.turkeyfromtheinside.com/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=24&Itemid=218200 DSC05972

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