Heart of Turkey's textile industry               Population: 525,000

DSC07178The horoz (rooster) is the symbol of Denizli

Old names: Diopolis (Greek), Ladik (Turkish)

Why would you opt for to stay for the night in built-up Denizli rather than in rural Pamukkale or thermal Karahayıt?

One reason might be that you plan to make an early getaway the next day and that there are hotels right beside the bus station, another that you want a chance to look round an Anatolian town that lives for textile manufacture, quarrying and wine-making rather than tourism.

No one could describe Denizli as beautiful although an Ottoman house once visited by Atatürk has been turned into a small museum (closed Mondays). It contains a so-so collection of ethnographic bits and pieces as well as a bed in which the country’s first president passed the night in 1931.aden1Rare old building in Denizli

One big plus for travellers is that Denizli train station is right in the middle of town with good onward connections to Selçuk and İzmir. 

Don’t expect much in the way of fine dining although the choice may be better than in Pamukkale. Look for the statue of a rooster that stands just in front of the Çınar Meydanı and then cut into the side streets beside it to find pleasant cafes with outdoor seating frequented by students at the nearby language schools.

A major landmark is the so-called Üçgen (Triangle), actually a busy roundabout near the bus station. Once this was where a statue of Denizli's supposedly famous rooster stood. Today that has been replaced by an array of Turkish flags and an undersized statue of Atatürk. 

No matter what your budget, you should be able to find something to suit you here although midweek the best places fill up quickly with business travellers.
There are many hotels around the otogar and in the streets immediately behind it. Others can be found near the Çınar Meydanı that marks the town centre. 
Anemon Hotel. Tel: 0258-371 8060. Out off town on the İzmir road. $$$$
Otel Esin. Tel: 0258-263 7628

Transport info

Flights from İstanbul and Ankara serve Denizli's Çardak airport.

Otherwise three trains a day from İzmir pass through Selçuk to get to Denizli.

The new (2014) Denizli otogar is exactly what travellers want: local buses leave from the lower level, intercity buses from te upper ones while trains leave from just across the road. 

There are daily buses from Denizli to Aydın and Isparta (for the Turkish Lake District); those for Cappadocia travel overnight.

In high season some bus companies will drop passengers off in Pamukkale. Otherwise there are frequent dolmuşes from the lower level of Denizli bus station.

Day trip destinations

Ak Han








Honaz Dağı Milli Parkı (Mt Honaz National Park)

Kaklık Mağarası (cave)

Kale (Hırka Köyü Cami)







Yazır Köyü

Read more about the area: http://www.todayszaman.com/columnist/pat-yale_346696_exploring-denizlis-backyard.html

aeniz3Denizli horoz (rooster) immortalised near Çınar Meydanı


 aizil7And the real thing in full throat at Kızılcabölük


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