Ferries to Lesbos                                                         Population: 19,000


The small seaside town of Dikili is north of İzmir near Çandarlı and readily accessible from Bergama. A prosperous-looking, middle class town, it's not much visited by foreigners but is popular with Turks, many of whom have summer homes here.

To be fair, there's not much reason why a foreign tourist would want to come here since there are no attractions to bring them in.

On the other hand, the landscaped waterfront and the thriving fishing harbour make pleasant places to pass a few hours of an evening so you might want to stop for the night here as an alternative to Bergama or as a base from which to visit the castle at nearby Çandarlı. 

Near the harbour there is a collection of fish restaurants and cafes to suit all pockets. I ate at the posh İskele Balık Restaurant (tel: 0232-671 3343) and thoroughly enjoyed my meal alongside  rakı-drinking Turks but just up the road there were also much cheaper balık ekmek (fish sandwich) places as well. A shop called Romaa that promised real Italian ice cream was doing a booming trade. 

The thin strip of beach is of dark sand. 


There aren't as many hotels here as you might expect because most of the Turks who favour Dikili have second homes here.ailki6

Perla Otel

Sunset Hotel. Tel: 0232-671 8856. Away from main road but closer to clubs

Transport info

In summer there are minibuses to Dikili from the upper level of İzmir otogar every 15 minutes (an extra row of seats has been squeezed into the vehicles maing them particularly uncomfortable). They pass through Aliağa and Çandarlı on the way. 

If you're staying in İzmir you can take the İzban to Aliağa and pick up a bus there. 

Ferries cross from Dikili to Midllli (Lesbos) in Greece. The ticket agent is Maskot Tourism (tel: 0533-613 74 78).

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