aliagaPopulation: 80,000

The small coastal town of Aliağa is pleasant enough but not somewhere you would necessarily head for as a destination in its own right, especially as the shoreline is dominated by large chemical and petrol installations. 

The one building of minor interest in the town centre is the Çarşı Cami which was converted out of a derelict 19th-century Greek church in 1928 and the minaret added in 1946.  Beside it a fine old Greek house now serves as a local library. 

In the outskirts of Aliağa are the remains of the Greek settlement of Kyme (sometimes called Nemrut), probably the largest city in the Ionian group at one time. There's not a lot to see here although the setting, with the agora right on the shore, must once have been delightful. The 1st century BC bronze statue of a runner dredged from the sea here in 1979 is the single most impressive thing on show in the İzmir Archaeological Museum. aliaga2

In spring the wildflowers here are especially impressive.

Transport info

It's easy to get to Aliağa from İzmir as it's the last stop on the İzban suburban train line (there are buses too if you're transitting the otogar). 

Once there you will need a taxi to get to the ruins which are along an untarmacked road that gets muddy after rain. 


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