talim1More and more apartotels are opening in TalimhaneNorthwest of Taksim Square, Talimhane was until quite recently a nondescript sort of area where a handful of hotels did reasonable business catering for those who couldn'd afford the likes of the Hyatt.

Now, however, pedestrianized and smartened up, it has become one of the more happening corners of the city, popular especially with visiting Arabs. Hotels seem to open on an almost daily basis and there are plenty of restaurants and shops catering for their clientele although few that are particularly special.

Talimhane stands on what was the parade ground associated with the barracks that stood on the site of Gezi Park until the mid-20th century. It has a handful of fine 19th-century buildings but generally speaking it is not as splendid to look at as Cihangir or even adjoining Elmadağ.talim2





Swish bar with stylish décor, live music (loud), a small back garden and one of the city’s best choices of wine which is hardly surprising given that owner, Mehmet Yalçin, is one of Turkey’s most renowned oenophiles.

Tel: 0212-237 0190, www.rougeaboutwine.com. Lamartin Caddesi No. 11/2

Venta del Toro

One of Istanbul’s few Spanish restaurants has moved to Talimhane from Galata where it has more space to offer tapas and sangria to an appreciative audience.

Tel: 0212-243 6049, Şehit Muhtar Caddesi No. 2/2


Central Palace Hotel. Tel: 0212-313 4040

Green Park Hotel. Tel: 0212-238 0505

Midtown Hotel. Tel: 0212-361 6767

Nippon Hotel. Tel: 0212-313 3300

Point Hotel. Tel: 0212-313 5000

Transport info

The easiest way to get to Talimhane from Sultanahmet is to take the tram and funicular combination to Kabataş, then Taksim Square. To find Talimhane look for the landmark branch of Simit Sarayı on the corner of Şehit Muhtar Bey Caddesi.

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