findikli1Stairs that inspired countrywide copycattingEast of Tophane the Bosphorus coast road whips through Fındıklı, a fairly non-descript part of town mainly given over to business and seafaring matters but with a handful of Ottoman monuments that some might want to track down en route to Kabataş.

Around Fındıklı

Given its historical importance the Meclis-i Mebusan after which the coast road is officially named is a distinctly inconspicuous building although its waterside location guarantees it beautiful views. Designed in  1856 by the Balyans, it was originally a pair of palaces to accommodate Sultan Abdülmecid's daighters, Cemile and Münire. Later it was used for meetings of the new Grand National Assembly of the new Turkish Republic before purpose-built premises were built for it in Ankara. 

In front it stands a small relic from earlier times, a brick-built sibyan mektep (primary school) that now houses the local post office.findikli2

Shortly afterwards you will see a generally under-noticed work of Sinan, the Molla Çelebi Cami, built in 1562 and under restoration in 2013.

Behind it is a small Bosphorus-facing park where marble sculptures remind visitors that many of the historic buildings in Tophane and Fındıklı now form part of the Mimar Sinan University and its prestigious fine arts school. 

Predictably, most of what is of interest in Fındıklı is on the water side of the main road. However, in 2013 the decision of a man living in one of the apartment blocks on the inland side to paint the concrete steps near his house in rainbow colours sparked a phenomenon. Overnight the local authority painted over his colours in grey which inspired people all over the country to paint other flights of steps in bright colours. Result? The local authority relented and repainted the rainbow stairs.

Rather less of a storm greeted the discovery that the "restoration" of the Süheyl Bey Cami, demolished in 1956, actually meant its complete remodelling in plate glass.

Transport info

There is a tram stop at Fındıklı or you can walk here from Kabataş or Tophane.

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findikli3"Restored" Süheyl Bey Cami



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